james jean

Nothing much to say...i'm sleepy. it's raining. bye.

but i will give you instead my friend musni's bitingly true words:

Now I'm having second thoughts about my position now
Finally where I thought I wanted to be
Calculated all my costs, I spent a large amount, and how?
Politickin', kissin' ass, losing my dignity
It ain't that hard to see,
That in order to reach the pinnacle we call social hierarchy
You lose yourself to the game, cuz you gotta be a slave
Stabbing backs, diggin' graves, sippin' Hennessey
Outwill, outlast, don't drop your guard, stand fast
Cuz anyone could get the jump on you, even though
I was taught to love, to care, to give, to share
Can't get ahead with that kind of attitude
What's success to you? Losing morality?
Will you rob, steal, kill for high society?
Of course you know the choice is yours, but I implore
Think twice before you lose all your humanity...
It's a tragedy, the way we live our lives
through the strife all is dead but only greed survives
innocence is lost, you've broken all your ties
to your kid within, it's a double-edged knife
catch-22, either way that you choose,
you might win, but you're definitely gonna lose
somethin worth keepin', maybe your heart or your wealth,
two routes to take, which one will you use?
will you summon all the love you can muster?
live your life for others, yet you lack in the luster?
or will you take the other way? moral fiber in decay,
but you got material wealth, which one you gonna say?
passion and pride or sick fashion and rides?
two ways you can go only you can decide
life is going too fast, my road is hitting the bend
and I ask will I pick the right means to my end?

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