A little bird told me

that Heath Ledger passed away. Word sure does travel fast. RIP man.

Musical Jenius (1:52:52 PM): Heath Ledger died...

anhosoka (1:53:10 PM): Actor Heath Ledger has been found dead in a Manhattan apartment, New York police tell CNN.

swtguy (2:08:12 PM): HOLY CRAP
swtguy (2:08:16 PM): heath ledger...dead

theshow (2:08:34 PM): heath ledger died

ontime2 (2:08:00 PM): http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22788914/

case (2:20:26 PM): Did u hear that Heath Ledger is dead?

roldetsun (2:43:53 PM): u know heath ledger died?

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