Master Cleanse Day #1

weight - 106 lbs.
number of times you snap at ibay because you've become more irritable - 0
cleanse related expenses - $19.71

here we go with the cleanse! as i progress through the 10 days, i'm gonna do a daily tracker of my thoughts, emotions, and other things that you, the reader, have expressed interest in.

8 a.m. - 1 quart of salt water for breakfast. YUCK. i like salty, but not a quart of salty. fyi a quart is 32 oz. that's like 4 glasses. of salt. for breakfast.

9:30 a.m. - first taste of lemonade was not so bad. the lemon juice is refreshing to the palette, while the cayenne pepper leaves a sassy tingle on the tongue.

1pm - i'm sleepy. i haven't had coffee or tea yet. thank goodness tea is part of this crazy process or else i'd absolutely shut down.

3pm - dang this shit is spicy! i'm not hungry, i'm just craving texture! but really..wow i havent' eaten anything solid since 11pm last night. it's weird, i my stomach doesnt' feel empty and i don't feel weak at all.

3:30pm - is this drink giving me a raspy voice?? i kinda like it!

9:30pm - WARNING TO OVERLY AMBITIOUS MULTI TASKING LUNATICS: do not start a boot camp fitness training class the same day as starting the master cleanse.    i just got home from the gym. i thought i would be okay to try boot camp class out. apparently not. after 30 minutes i could not handle it anymore, kindly excused myself, and teeter tottered over to the locker room. i looked in the mirror and my face was blue. i could barely see straight, and i wanted to throw up. trying to get my things together, i kept dropping stuff and just kinda flopping things around as guess i lost all retention in my hands. i slowly struggled my way out of the gym, realizing that neither my legs nor my vision seemed very cooperative. i collapsed onto a bench and called my parents to pick me up, because at this point, driving 2 miles seemed impossible.

i'm feeling really fragile but i'm ok now.  lesson learned.  boot camp and master cleanse don't mix.

Day #1. barely survived.

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