Master Cleanse Day #2

weight - 105 lbs.
number of times you snap at ibay because you've become more irritable - 3
running total of cleanse related expenses - $28.68

9 a.m. - goooood morning. after last night's scare, i slept like a little baby lamb bunny (i heard lamb bunnies sleep well). i had 2 awesome dreams: the first, that i was buying shoes with the girls from Gossip Girl. and the second, that i was buying sneakers in japan. both dreams equally awesome. anyway just got to work, feeling fine. the salt water poison breakfast went down a lot more easily this morning. just like swigging a bottle of jose cuervo.

1 p.m. - the concept of eating is beginning to look foreign to me. i just walked into the kitchen to see a bunch of coworkers on their lunch break...cuban food, ramen, in n out, el pollo loco...i'm almost like ew about it.

9p.m. - 348wrueuhiyzgliuosgzra8w93[r0iuuhedfsfyzhu i'msof'inghungry.  it's hard going home after work, chilling and not eating.  watching a laker game and not eating.

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