Goings On, Whereabouts, & Whatnots


It's Sam here with a so super update of my goings on and whereabouts and whatnots. This of course is for people who care to know. If you don't care, then I would suggest to stop reading at this point and direct your browser to your next web destination of choice...

Oh hello people who have continued to read!

Here's an overview of my life as it currently stands, neatly partitioned into sections. Don't be fooled, my actual life is a lot messier than this:

_ I've decided to quit my sanity and train for a marathon. That in miles is 26.2. That in couch potato language is hell frozen over. It's awesome though. Definitely more rewarding than I had ever expected. I joined Team in Training, which is an endurance training program run by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Pretty cool peeps. I'm glad I joined this group rather than train independently. Running is tough to begin with, but running with a good cause in mind puts the temporary soreness into perspective. Honestly, right now, the training isn't at the point where it's challenging me physically. It's not above and beyond my regular workout capacity... YET. I know I will be crying and cursing when I'm running 20 miles on Sunday mornings.

_ Lots of music to be made these days. I'm excited for that too! There's a few people with whom I really want to work. Especially my sister Dana and little bro Jordan. I can't wait til Dana moves home from San Diego, and then we can make hits like this:

_ DDL Roundhouse has a ton of shows coming up! Please come out and support! This Saturday we're doing a show at Tatou. I'm nervous for it, cuz I've been planning out all the details, and I hope the details come through for me. It's my first time like organizing an event. oolala! Also we've got the 2nd round of Emergenza on 3/28, and an event at the westwood brewery on 3/29. oh boy oh boy, bring it on! and our EP is coming out very very soon...just lots going on there

_ Going to the Bay next month for an Alpha Eta Femmes reunion. I love getting together every year! I'm so excited for it. So far we've got a spa day planned! Then probably lots of shopping and eating and party times. :)

ok i'm getting bored of writing...later dudeskees.

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