Lakers vs. Dallas

With the world-renowned John L. Ibay in tow, I flew across town to the Staples Center on Sunday afternoon to attend my first Laker game of this season. Well it was more like trodding through the LA Marathon maze of blocked off streets to try to get to Downtown. Barricade after barricade, thoughts of ploughing a herd of runners crept across my mind as we circled the same Korean karaoke house 4 times. Who schedules an uberhyped 12:30 basketball game the same day as the LA-motherf*&@ing-Marathon?

So finally we tailgate the city truck that's removing cones and shit off of Olympic, and make it to Staples. All runners were unharmed and left intact. This was the sickest game I have ever been to!!! We won by 4 points in overtime, and I was so stressed out and completely exhausted when the game was over. There was so much at stake, especially my perfect attendance record of 6-0. I have not attended a loss yet, I don't know what I'd do if I went to a losing game. The Lakers as a whole didn't bring their A-game, but Kobe (the man!) came through and held it down for his squad. Thank you Kobe.

But without a doubt the MVP was Red Panda, the world record holder for bowl balancing tall unicycle riding. SICK!!!! You go girl.


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