DDL Roundhouse @ V20, Long Beach

Our V20 show this past Saturday was so much funner than expected. We provided the atmospheric loungy sound in the smoking patio/bar. Ruffle-clad and ready for anything, our 1 hour set slowly evolved into a 3 hour full length concert, thanks to generous bar tenders and inebriated encore requests. By the end of the night we were as buzzed as the crowd, girls were begging our emcees to take advantage of them, and very shamelessly uncoordinated people were getting down, down, left to our music.

And then there was my dress, but before I get into that, a plug from our sponsor, official drink of DDL Roundhouse:

Now onto the dress! So super cute, my Fancy stylist hooked it up for the occasion.

dress// Fancy Renewal
brooch// Fancy Added Touch
pumps// Vintage YSL
pendant// Thrift
watch// Casio
ring// Buffalo Exchange

More pics from the LBC:


bear said...

love the dress!! looked like so much fun!!

panda said...

looks like it was a sick show! man i wish i was there. I love the guys' shirts... they look like those mini colorful marshmallows and you look like a cup of hot cocoa!