Plaid is Rad

AAHH!! Let me begin by saying I feel weird doing this. I just adore clicking through fashion blogs and admiring the girls who post fabulous "what i wore today" photos of themselves in cool digs. But when it comes to me...I am ultra uncomfy with the idea of doing it myself.

With a little encouragement from Geri of BecauseImAddicted, one of my favorite blog reads, here's an attempt at posting an outfit on my blog. Photoshoot taken at my far from glamorous office. So I guess, enjoy?

SHADES// Jetrag
PLAID// My uncle's, circa 1980
SKIRT// American Apparel
WATCH// Vintage Casio
SHOES// Nine West
BAG// Buffalo Exchange


bear said...

yay!! you look adorable!!

Ida said...

You do look lovely! The outfit is very cute, and wow you know how to pose:P Can't wait for the next outfit:))