I totally turned 24 not too long ago. Woot woot! Friday was an alcohol fest at Highlands. Thank you to everyone who took care of me. It's always nice to wake up intact, not remembering how you got to your bed, or the mess you made along the way. Oops. Saturday (my actual birthday) was spent cuddling with the toilet and fighting my paralyzing hangover. Then a family dinner at Cobras & Matadors, followed by a rehab session at Les Deux and LAX.

In retrospect, I have to say that 23 started out fabulously and then took a turn for the weird, ending on a rather somber note. Hmph! Life is so ironically interesting, ain't it? Successes have been compromised with failures, setting 24 up on a leveled out playing field. Not to mention I got intoxicated beyond comprehension, which obliterated most of my memory! AWESOME! So here's to 24, because there is no way it can be as bad as 23!

Well enough introspection, here a few birthday visuals:

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issa said...

oh dear! happy belated birthday!!!