Hollyhood Gets MADE Over

Hi! As I sit here chomping on a banana at my desk, I am reminded of just how B-A-N-A-N-A-S last Friday was. My bosses at MADE Jewelry traversed our beautiful land from SF all the way to LA to host a party with the Funk Pirates at HollyHOOD & Highlands.

The FunkPirates' decks were laced with the MADE banner and free mixtape giveaways.

Debbie (MADE) & Dennis (Ek5obition)

Abigail (MADE) & Ibay (Real SGM)

reMITCH approved! (Soul Sessions/Funk Pirates)

Fredo, me, Harold, and J-Bird

As the night heated up, so did our friend ToeKnee (Wildboyz). LIVING THE DREAM!

But why live the dream alone?

And the moral of the story is: Always remember where you or your driver parked! Good times!


panda said...

i hate getting lost in the hollywood&highland parking structure! it ain't easy finding your car after a drunky/dancy night (especially with a blacked out birthday sister who is dead-weight) but at least you know your car is safe (:

Anonymous said...

hahahah "but why live the dream alone??"