Taking my cue from the MADE ladies, I too flocked south for the rest of the weekend. I hung out with my Best Evers, went out for Joanne's birthday, visited UCSD, and even caught the America's Best Dance Crew tour with Dana. Like wow!

Oo. ABDC's Jabbawockeez, Super Crew, Fanny Pack, BreakSk8, and Aacid.

Me, Dana, and some psychadelic lighting.

Hi, my name is not Cara from Fanny Pack.

Party People


The new UCSD Triton statue/fountain thingy!!!

Would that make me a daughter of Triton? I so super <3 the Little Mermaid!!!

Last pic with the best evers before I hop on the train. Ciao!

The beautiful sky and silhouettes from my train window...Finis.


panda said...

love the new head tilt over-the-shoulder pose

Mimi said...

Your outfit is super cute and casual. I own the same shoes in black.Love them!

issa said...

oooh ABDC! how fun!

natalie said...

you are so the daughter of triton. it was a premonition when you bought that beach towel.