Despite the pregame mishaps...the so super sign rejection, my so super soggy blackberry...the Christmas game was a SO SUPER success! My dad bought tickets for us for Christmas and it was the first time my family had been all together at a game since back in the Forum days. And oh what a game to attend!! Not only was it monumental for our family, it was a huge statement game in the seemingly sempiternal rivalry between the Lakers and the Celtics.

We hadn't seen the Celtics since they demoralized us in Game 6 of the Finals. With the Celtics steamrolling a 19 game win streak, and the Lakers struggling as of late, the odds were definitely not in our favor. I had been so anxious about going to this game. Would this be yet another embarassment by the Celtics? Would the outcome of the game ruin Christmas? Would my perfect win record of attendance be tarnished?

But what can I say? WE DID IT!!!!! Not only did we come out on top of a close game, but we held the Celtics to 83 points--CHRISTMAS TACOS!!!

Best game ever!!! Thanks Daddy for the tickets, and thanks John for my new jersey! Great Christmas gifts from my 2 favorite guys!

And I still have yet to attend a Laker loss...I'm starting to think I really am good luck??

Here are some pics! To see all of the photos from the game, go to my Flickr page.

Me & my sister :)


This is my favorite picture!!!


Myspace emo shot


Don't sleep mommy!


The mommas & the poppas


Fam Bam Thank you Sam!


The Lakers put the Merry in Christmas


2 Free BOSTON tacos probably taste EXTRA GOOD


Oh it's already been broughten.


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panda said...

you have an awesome face. aka you're pretty, sister (: