Secret Project REVEALED!

The secret project I have so diligently been working on in my lab until the wee hours of night (no not really). Here it is:

A sign that I hand crafted for my heartthrob hunk TREVOR ARIZA at the Christmas Day Laker Game...complete with mistletoe over my head! I spent a few days designing it and Tuesday night creating it. I carefully wrapped it in plastic to transport it to the Staples Center to avoid rain damage.


So of course I WAS DEVASTATED when my sign was turned away at the front door!!!!! Something about it being too big, or too awesome or something. I trudged back to the car in the rain, completely dejected. And then, my blackberry fell into a puddle. No sign. Dead phone. WHY ME?! This couldn't be indicative of the outcome of the game right?!


OF COURSE NOT! The Lakers came out with a big fat W, and thanks to my mom's blowdrying skills my phone has been resurrected from the dead. And I guess I can still hold my sign up in my room for fun.

Trevs if you're out there, I so super heart you! And you get besos from me any day of the year.


Christank said...

i'm sure trevor felt the love of that poster from way inside the locker room. lovin it...esp the mistletoe touch!

jsviray8183 said...

i'm jealous you got to go to the game! hope u had a great time, bc i had a blast watching the game from the comfort of my living room. (esp the last 2 mins of the game! crazy!)hope all is well! enjoy the rest of the year!

-jeff viray