Thanks Givers

The Westside Thanksgiving Dinner Celebration is becoming a tradition for me on Thanksgiving morning! Since my first experience volunteering at this event last year was so fun, I had to go again this year. Basically Santa Monica Civic Center turns into a huge feast and where more than 1,200 volunteers serve over 2,000 Thanksgiving dinners to the homeless and less fortunate. Tons of people donate and get involved because in addition to the meal service, there is a petting zoo and face painting for the children, a boutique of donated clothing, and areas set up for haircuts and medical exams. They've been doing this for over 25 years, it's so awesome! Me, Casey, and Cristina went this time, but if you want in next year, let me know!

Casey, Cristina, and I arrive at around 8:30am

We started out by decorating thank you cards to the donors. I love decorating!
This sign has been revised so many times, I don't know what it's trying to say any more.
Mmm..  PIES!
All of the donated clothing was sorted and was so organized!  (I secretly spotted some really cool blazers and one-piece jumpsuits, I wanted to take them so baddddd!)
Cristina and I designed these picture frames, mine is so ugly! Sorry!
These young cats have been volunteering for years.  So great to see!
One of the many families who had Thanksgiving dinner.  They left with full tummies!
Serve that pie girl!
What the main dining hall looks like
My favorite thing to do is greet all of the people coming in and give them hugs!  This was our favorite, his name is Kerry and he is sporting a LAKER hat and a big smile!  He's been coming to this dinner for 5 or so years now, and it makes him really happy.

It makes me really happy too!!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving '08!!

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