Since it was just not happening for me and about 200 other people who waited outside of the Kaws exhibit for hours on opening night, I went back a few days later to take in the Kaws show in all it's glorified freshness. The showing did not disappoint. And afterward we grubbed at Royal/T, where Kaws curated their current showing of art. They have an excellent spicy tuna tar tar sandwich mmmmm. Definitely hit up both spots if you make your way out to Culver City!

"Floating the Rumors"

"Kurf (Shhh...)"

"Permanent Thirty-Three" series

OMG, why are you on the floor?

I cannot touch you but I hope you are okay.

"Chum" Series

Lunch! with Keith, Edwin, Arc, TK, Melissa R.

photo / TKoftheWildboyz


issa said...

oooh i like these. very cool

filthy lust said...

those heads are cool.

Raez said...

har har. i like the blue head in the floor!

yes, swap!