Recession Confession

Real Talk.

After the housing market toppled and banks were plagued with instability, it was only a matter of time before the recession began to trickle down to the consumer. I am an avid blog reader, and to a certain extent the fashion blogosphere (and any lifestyle blog really) is a convenient escape out of our current economic conditions and into a fanciful world of wishlists and creatively-driven inspiration. So while I'm not trying to shit on anyone's fun, the question begs to be answered:

How is the recession affecting your consumer behavior?

Let me possibly be the first to admit it: I DON'T SHOP AS MUCH AS I USED TO. Sure I desire the finer things as much as the next person does, but my want:purchase ratio has gone from about 1:1 to 1:damn near none.

I still thankfully have my job & steady income, but I've definitely been purchasing with a greater and IMO realistic sense of caution. It's pretty difficult to make huge and sometimes lavish purchases when people around me are getting laid off left and right. Who is to say that I'm not next? There's a constant battle between settling for an abundance of low end things, or buying less but buying better quality. Should I keep spending for the sake of pumping cash back into the economy or should I stop spending altogether?

I find myself looking to my blog peers for some relatability, someone to acknowledge that they need to scale back because the world isn't working like it used to. But apart from the occasional "Recessionista" article here and there, I feel as though a number of fashion blogs are running business as usual. Frankly, it's beginning to creep me out.

Agree, agree to disagree, throw tomatoes at the screen, just speak up, I wanna know what you think.


JOii said...

I'm abit like you, as in torn between buying quality or settling for the lower end. Before, my mindset is: I earn, I spend. I'm still a uni student, so I'm only working part-time atm, though they are cutting back staff's hours recently and i guess they have to start with the part-times and casual staff.

Now, I've been quite a hermit simply cos I know once I step out of my house, I'm sure to spend some money. Although I'm probably earning about the same as before, its the whole insecurity of the future that makes me reluctant to spend. Its better to keep some extra cash handy in case anything unexpected was happen.

I don't really like to settle for lower end stuff. I'd spend more time saving for the luxury..something i'd keep and adore, rather than buying something "that'll do for now" and end up buying another to replace it soon after. That's my two cents.

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

Great post. I've definitely scaled back. I had to institute a no buy month (Feb...well, most of it anyway) to kind of get me into the habit of not buying every damn thing I see and want. It's definitely a good idea.

My priorities have shifted a bit from acquiring to paying off these cards and trying to build up some savings - a lot more important than feeding my heavy shoe habit.

If I do want something nice, I can save for it. Otherwise, I probably don't need it and can find something similar that I already have or can make.

And thanks for the hair feedback. =D


if you want to procure something bad enough you will find ways. my income goes directly to my student loans, housing, savings, and necessities. so, i have to take on [extra]odd jobs like photography to earn more money. imo buying cheap things is quick therapy but those things do not usually last... sometimes[most of the time] cheap price=cheap quality. i buy things that will last my lifetime. i still have jackets from college and still hangin tough. i can break those things out anytime and they don't look outdated. that's my philosophy with fashion also. i try to buy timeless pieces. if people feel bad that i'm shoppin then they need to take notes and hustle harder.

enjoy readin your blog.

issa said...

i completely agree with you.. and being in the semi older class of fashion bloggers.. with a mortgage.. car notes.. etc.. i have been on a shopping ban for awhile now.. it's so hard.. especially looking around at other fashion bloggers.. it makes me kinda sad.. but whatev.. saving is good.. and we still have a vacation coming soon..

Christank said...

in your words, TOTES with you on this one. i hardly spend $ on shopping these days, but money STILL seems to be scarce in my bank account. but at the end of the day, i just try to remind myself to constantly stay THANKFUL that i still have a job in these conditions. it's horrifying to see so many friends lose jobs every single damn day. so regardless of the lack of spending and the lack of funds to spend...i know i'm pretty lucky.

ps. i ALWAYS accidentally read it as "we hear tit" first hahah!

Anonymous said...

biichi u know me...i just spent $400 online last night.

and since i work in retail space...i know that it's hard right now on merchants as well. but damn, these crazy sales can't be ignored.

M Paris said...

i definitely cut down on spending and do things like bring my own lunch to work, do my own nails, get my car wash less often but i still shop to keep the economy running :)

Some Notes on Napkins said...

samesy. I have cut down on other areas (fashion and shopping being one of the latter). though what I have done is get together all the clothes/purses etc. I don't wear and brought them to Buffalo Exchange and made a pretty penny.It's shocking how much stuff I don't wear and the recession and lightness in my wallet got me thinking...