Pretty sure she is saying NO on prop H8erade. The hearing didn't go well yesterday, as expected. Hmph. But it's admirable to see that the gay community will not give up, and will remain active and present until their civil rights are written into the constitution. Fight on, friends.

On a lighter note, Booyahhhhhh more antique french couches! I just can't get enough.

photo / tFs


Alicia/InstantVintage said...

I'm glad they're still fighting. It's amazing how backward-thinking people can be in this day and age. It sucks.


And that couch is adorable.

Raez said...

delicious tee.

those shorts are pretty hot too!

kara - all things ordinary said...

love the NO shirts...havent seen them off runway till now.
ps - how amazing was our LA weather this weekend