World Champs

Throooowwwwback! I picked up this tshirt at the fairfax flea market a couple months ago, and I can't wait to finally wear it to the Staples Center this weekend! John got us tickets to the opening playoff game! AAHHH!

Why am I excited:
. We have a most sterling record, and a really good chance at the championship
. Shannon Brown is hot...and good. (P.S. I still love you Trevor)
. Andrew Bynum is back from injury.
. Kobe Kobe Kobe
. and most of all...BOSTON SUCKS. HA! Wah Wah Wah Paul Pierce.

Omg should I make a new poster to redeem my Christmas poster fail? Hmmm....


jomo said...

word to the Showtime era.

Christank said...

omg so watching the pre-game interviews last night, I was thinking, "damn, Shannon Brown is kinda hot" haha!

anyways, have fun @ the game you lucky duck! i gave up my tix b/c i didn't think i could/should be spending $$$ on anything besides bills right now. *sigh*

tk still has my laker scarf!

i say you go for the poster, and i hope you don't fail this time :)