This editorial of Jen Brill is hyping me up for Fall, and making me want to buy school supplies or something. Thinking about investing in a deep deep red lipstick, though i'm not sure if i can pull it off. i might end up looking like a vampire. or worse, a chola gone wrong? hm. will think about it more.



InnyVinny said...

I think you could pull it off. It would be dramatic, but good nonetheless.

I want to find a red, too. Afraid of potential Rihanna references, though. Hmmmm...

bianca said...

but how could a chola *ever* go wrong? :)

i think everyone can do red, they just need to find the right shade. go for it.

kiss me quick said...

I think you can. red lipstick in the right shade makes amazing looks.

Lately have been addicted to it

issa said...

ah.. i love this shoot..

i think i look weird in red lipstick too... or lipstick at all.