Cold Noodle

My go out to eat vs. make food ratio is approximately 60:1. But last night I was in rare form, and wanted to make food. We had some Hiyashi Chuka packages, and I love making it because it's so easy and it looks impressive. Great for kids and culinarily inept people such as myself. I wish I knew what sauce was used, but I'm a bit rusty on my Japanese and couldn't read the characters on the bag. It was good anyway, and I love the colors! I used enoki mushrooms, cucumber, ham, egg, and sesame seed to compliment the noodles. Mmm. Nutritious...and delicious.Karage chicken, miso soup, and green tea ice cream sandwiches rounded out the meal. Yummmmzies. And then I was full and rolled my tubby ass into bed. The end!


Matthieu said...

Very impressive! You just up'd your hawtness points Ms. :)

Amanda said...

ooh so you cook now ehhh?? cook for me then! looks yummy..