Double Up

jak and jil

because 2 chloe bags are better than 1.

absolutely drooling over the variant textures in this autumnal palette. it is fall, right? these days i can't keep it straight, because i swear i was wearing rain boots last week, and now i'm wearing sundresses.


InnyVinny said...

Seasonal weather FAIL.

Totally digging the palette and texture variation here. Makes me want to make fall actually come. It won't. I know it. LOL.

Lainey said...

Yes, the weather has been very confusing. I wish it would just stay cold! Loving the Chloe bags. They're pretty amazing.

Mocani said...

just amazing !

Valencia Lia said...

I'm actually loving her outfit as well too !!

And 2 chloe bags at the same time ! I guess it would be more than a gir lcould ask for :)