An Education

Last night I finally got the chance to watch An Education, when a certain award-winning dialogue editor let us borrow his screener of the film. Thankkkkks friend. As expected, Carey Mulligan was outstanding in this coming of age story. But what swept me away was the costuming. Having acquired a recent penchant for classic tailoring and a sort of quasi-prepschool sensibility, I adored watching the sweaters, duffle coats, and trench coats move across a 1960's suburban London cityscape. Jenny was stunning, whether traipsing around Paris in an impressionist floral dress, or plaid-clad listening to Parisian jazz records in her bedroom. And speaking of. The soundtrack is beautiful, I downloaded it immediately after hearing Beth Rowley cover "Sunday Kind of Love".


Random Tiffany said...

i want to watch it now too!

Dane said...

Wow that movie looks amazing, ill have to check it out!