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American Apparel shirt & leggings, thrifted cardigan, no.6 boots

Hola outfit post! I haven't done one of these in awhile. There is a humongaloid tree outside my apartment windows that obscures about 70% of any potential natural light from shining into my place. My neighbors promised they'd cut it down when the weather got better, but I have yet to see that happen. Maybe if it stopped raining every Saturday, the tree might disappear and I can begin to use my actual apartment to photograph my outfits. In the meantime I've found that this hallway window provides a nice little shooting space to set up a tripod and act a fool.

I finally bought the beautiful No.6 clog boots that have been haunting me in my sleep! I found them at a deliciously discounted price thanks to the Steven Alan outpost, and I haven't taken them off since!


Alex said...


InnyVinny said...

Those boots are so cute. And I kind of like this lil' window. Let the tree be great! =P

Sindy said...

u look sooo cozy

Adrienne said...

zomg the clogssssss!!!