LudoBites 5.0

LudoBites is the hottest thing around since Lisa Frank trapper keepers. Chef Ludo, famous for setting up pop up restaurants around Los Angeles is now at the fifth stop of his ongoing tour, making a temporary home at Gram & Papas in downtown. His "wandering chef" approach, innovative offerings, and limited-time-only menus have so many camera-happy foodies chasing him around town you'd think he was Lindsay Lohan without an ankle monitor. High demand for a table and constant web server crashes made it virtually impossible for us to make Ludo Bites reservations. But by some act of sweet baby Jesus, Joanne managed to hack into the Ludo Bites reservation system and get us a table at Gram & Papas. Scooooore.

Ludo Bites is no longer BYOB, but when you bring a bottle called "Brave Stallion" how could they NOT let you drink it.
Vadouvan naan with a lightly whipped coconut butter.
Poached oysters.
Grilled octopus, hazelnut polenta, piment d'espellette
Hot foie gras dynamite, raw tuna, lychee
Raw wagyu beef, dried miso, somen noodle, peanut vinaigrette, watermelon
The kitchen is fully exposed, so I got a couple of behind the scenes shots of raw ingredients and Chef Ludo at work!

Dessert! Caramel souffle, grapefruit, and fleur de sel ice cream

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this looks so fancy!