Ramen Jinya

D and I poked our heads over the hill last night to try Ramen Jinya, the brand new noodle shop on Ventura Blvd, affectionately known as "Sushi Row". Usually new eateries start off a little wonky while they work out the operational kinks, but Jinya is no newcomer to the game. This is the first stateside venture for the owner Takahashi Tomonori, but he is a seasoned pro with several Tokyo restaurants to his name.
In addition to specializing in traditional Japanese fare, Tomonori is also known for his use of organic vegetables which he has also included in Jinya's menu. I saw a corn/tofu salad, and several veggie options, so I think he'll fit in just fine with the LA crowd.
We tried the tuna on cripsy rice. It was good, but could use a bit more crisp.I ordered the signature Jinya Ramen bowl. Interestingly, the signature bowl is a chicken broth instead of the standard pork broth. They also subbed in chicken meat balls for the chashu. Still very good.
Below, D ordered the Tonkatsu Ramen, and I got to try it. I was a bit thrown off that the pork did not come out as a breaded cutlet, but the broth perfectly captures a distinct tonkatsu flavor. Without having tried the other bowls, I want to say that this is definitely the star of the menu.
Not pictured is the gyoza (GOOD), and the green tea mochi ice cream (just go to trader joes after). My only gripe is that my ramen cooled very quickly, I like my bowls to be piping hot! But other than that, Jinya is legit, and a great option if you're in the area.


Wilmar said...


S.O.F.A.T. Blog said...

lovin' the ramen shots.. will have to try this place sometime!

Fashion Intel said...

I think you and I should start a blog solely dedicated to RAMEN! Great post Sam, I think I'll swing by Jinya this weekend. How was your wait on a weekday?

panda said...

will be trying D's tonkatsu.. the char siu looks to die for

panda said...

will be trying D's tonkatsu.. the *chashu looks to die for

InnyVinny said...

I'm with Natalie - RAMEN BLOG!!!

This food looks delicious. I think I need to start compiling a list of places to go.

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hiiiiiiiiiii. made a profile for you on lastfm bc i was playing your mixtape at my boys house! check it out!

check us out too!


thanks for the bad ass mix!

Anonymous said...

TonkOtsu actually refers to the type of broth (pork bone) used whereas tonkAtsu is the fried pork cutlet that you were expecting!