Moxsie Style Off

Moxsie, always the innovator, approached me with their latest idea for a contest. They assigned one of their dresses to 3 different bloggers and we were each asked to style the dress in our own way. What we have here people is a STYLE OFF!

The lace material and burgundy color of the dress screamed 90's grunge to me, so I styled it with some rugged boots, and a denim vest. My model has a lazy side braid topped with a slouchy beanie. Her bucket bag is full of chiclets, cigarettes, and CD's. She may look chipper, but she is really angry, emaciated, and doesn't give a ****.

Voting ends on Friday (tomorrow) so vote for me! It only takes a second. :)


Fashion Intel said...

I totally voted and I hope you WIN!

Anonymous said...


I just came here a couple of nights ago, and I just wanted to tell you that your blog is very nice ( In a soft sunday morning light in early spring kind of way ).

By what I have seen so far you seem to be a very nice person, and I wish you and the people you care for the best .

That's all.

Have a very good day.