Robata Jinya

Growing up in LA, the central hubs for good Japanese cuisine have always been found in Little Tokyo, Olympic & Sawtelle, the South Bay, and nowhere in between. On one perfect windy night this week, Dennis and I finally had a chance to try Robata Jinya. Curiously placed on 3rd and Fairfax, I found it hard to believe that there actually might be a legit ramen house in Mid-City. But knowing that Robata Jinya was a stem off of beloved Jinya Ramen, my dubiousness melted into excitement as we nestled into bar stools at the counter.
In addition to ramen, Robata Jinya also has a solid izakaya and sushi menu. We tried a few different skewers, but the real stand out was the Tanuki: shiitake mushrooms stuffed with grilled chicken.
And onto the ramen. The menu is simple, as it should be. There are about 5 options, including a Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen which peaked my interest because they only offer 20 servings per day. We didn't make it in time to try this ramen, but I am strategizing an imminent conquest so stay tuned for that. What I did try was the Kyoto Spicy Ramen, which was very flavorful but, sadly, not spicy enough. D had the Yokohama Tonkotsu Ramen, and his order won me over with its buttery and savory broth. Both bowls had good cuts of pork, and the noodles were prepared perfectly.

Also! When you go to Robata, order the house hot sake. For only $10, they give you a very generously sized bottle to keep you and your companion's glasses full throughout the entire meal. And they bring out a selection of sake glasses in a variety of shapes and colors and let you choose your own. Cute points for that.

Welcome to the neighborhood Robata Jinya! Please support Robata, and keep ramen and quality Japanese food alive in Mid-City.