Behind the Scenes | TigerTiger Photoshoot

Let me start off by saying this was one of the funnest days of 2011! Jen & Hana of Tiger Tiger agreed to help me out with my DJ promo photos, so we started really laying down the plans in March. After a couple of weeks of coordinating, we met up on a gorgeous April morning in Echo Park and went straight. to. WERK. From the original inspiration board, we came out with 7 or 8 final looks. I shared a few of the final edits below! I am fortunate to be surrounded by insanely talented and cute girlfriends, who have all mastered their individual crafts, and came together to make this shoot possible. I am proud to say that this was a female-powered shoot! Thank you so so so much to:

PHOTO: Tiger Tiger Photography
STYLING: Angie Dita; Lanie Alabanza-Barcena - Hellz
ADDITIONAL CLOTHING/ACCESSORIES: Alana at No. A Boutique, Vanessa at Insight, Gabriela Artigas, Joanne Tagorda of Les Morceaux, Michelle at Foundation Showroom
MAKEUP/HAIR: Jadene Munson

And thank you to the boys, Ben, Mark, and Dennis for stopping in with midday treats!








Patricia Ann said...

You would look really cool with one part of your hair cut shorter than the other. Great photo shoot, you look fantastic. Those are some shiny legs in the last photo. :)

Patricia Ann

Anonymous said...

Everything! Fantastic! Go get 'em. :)

Anonymous said...

Everything! Fantastic! Go get 'em. :)

willard said...

Looks great, Sam.

willard said...

Looking great, Sam!

Unknown said...

especially love #6, but all are absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

#1 fan.

<3 your continued growth and success.


adrienne robbins said...

I do not like the video - I love it! Cute!!!

Kirk Tome said...

Just lovely.

Kirk Tome said...

Just lovely.

Vickee said...

#5 and $6 are my fave b/c they remind me of you the most :) love you and congrats!!

Melis said...

You're beautiful! I'd love to see you dj! I'm a friend of Dennis' from UCI and I found your blog from his facebook. You guys are so cute :) I'm posting a blog entry about you and your shoot right now :)


LUDWIG said...

In tube with vinyl, that's over the top. feeling it!