July 22 | Childish Gambino House of Blues SD

Last Friday I had a chance to DJ for my pal, Donald Glover. When the folks at House of Blues first added me to the bill, the website said "DJ SUPERSHAM" which had me laughing for a good 30 minutes straight. They eventually changed it, but I wish I had taken a screen shot of the original spelling.

I opened up for his sold out show at House of Blues San Diego during Comic Con weekend. I've been lucky enough to have seen numerous Childish Gambino shows, but this particular crowd and this particular night's energy was by far the best.

Stay tuned to www.iamdonald.com. D's new album comes out any day now, and the little bit that I've previewed sounds so good it's stupid.

It's Childesh, betch.

Sound check.

Real check.

How sick is this sold out crowd?!

Tshirt time.


Melis said...

Just in case you don't check your old post's comments. Check out my blog post I did on your blog and your photo shoot. I'm a friend of Dennis' from UCI and I found you on his facebook :) I've been following your blog and you're so cute and I love your style!


Natalie of Fashion Intel said...

What to go SoSuperSham, hilarious!