Hypebeast snooped into my stuff to uncover what it is that makes my bag so heavy. Here it is. All my must haves.

1. Clare Vivier messenger tote - My favorite bag, simple silhouette, goes with everything.
2. Muji planner & pen - I'm an old-fashioned girl, I love handwriting my appointments and to-do's. Muji pens are the shit.
3. Steven Alan make up bag - Some essentials inside are Aveda tinted moisturizer, Carmex lip balm, Nars Orgasm blush, Clinique creamy eyeliner pencils, Shu Uemura eyelash curler, and some sort of flavor of the week lipstick. I rotate frequently between Nars Heatwave, and Nars Honolulu Honey.
4. Karen Walker sunglasses - These augment any outfit. They also hide your face during hangover brunches. Very important.
5. Comme des Garcons wallet - slim, compact, the best. Because do you really need ALL of your gift cards, pennies, and pearl tea punch cards with you at all times?
6. Jo Malone cologne - My favorite scent is Nectarine Blossom. Smells super light and clean. Boys love it too, hehe.
7. Apple iPhone - DUH. It's usually not in my bag, but rather STUCK TO MY HAND.
8. Zico - Instant refreshment. It's my favorite brand of coconut water. Not gonna lie, I think it's because of the branding/packaging.

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Anonymous said...

can you do a post with some of your favorite songs. Like at least 20 of them so i can have new cd to listen to in my car lol.