The Boiling Crab

The Boiling Crab is another one of those places that ever fails to be documented in my blog. This feat is a bit more difficult than it sounds because at Boiling Crab, you are bibbed, eat with your hands, and end up smelling of seafood spices for days after. Because of this no one wants to be photographed, and no one has clean hands to even take photos. But last week I went to The Boiling Crab with intent & purpose of finally taking photos of what I gorge on at this seafood haven. Are you ready?

1. THE FRIES. Sweet potato or cajun, the fries here are divine!
2. RAW OYSTERS - In my world, it is customary to order a round (or two!) of raw oysters for the table.
3. ALASKAN KING CRAB LEGS - My seafood of choice! Everyone has their preference, some love crawfish, some people enjoy the shrimp. I am all about the crab legs, and I order "The Whole Sha-bang" sauce mildly spicy.

The superior quality seafood at very reasonable prices has people flocking to Boiling Crab locations all day everyday, so here are some of my tips & strategies to ensure a worthwhile Boiling Crab experience.

1. Do not get all dolled up to eat at Boiling Crab. Your amazing white blazer that you scored at the sample sale won't look cute once you're wearing a plastic bib, so don't bother.
2. Be prepared to wait. For a long time. Or get there as soon as it opens! There is no reservation system at Boiling Crab, but luckily all locations have TV's, and most have a really inexpensive bar. A great strategy is to drive to boiling crab during half time of your sports program, and then watch the 2nd half while you wait for your table.
3. Lose the jewelry. Particularly rings & watches. They will get dirty, so plan to stow them away in your purse.
4. Boiling Crab is not your pre-party destination. Unless you enjoy hitting the clubs smelling like you got hit in the face with a garlic-wielding lobster. Hey I'm not judging, I'm just saying.
5. Do go in groups! All menu items are ordered by the pound, so sharing is caring.
6. Ask questions. There is a specific way to eat a crawfish, crack a crab leg, peel a shrimp. Don't be afraid to ask how :)


Erwin R. said...

good job on the oysters

Fashion Intel said...

One more tip - wear your hair in a pony tail! No one likes the smell of seafood in their locks; I do the same thing when I eat ramen because I've had too many pork broth hair smelling moments.

There are 2 Boiling Crabs in my hood. One on Valley and one on Main. Do you go to either of those or another location?

Maggie ☮ said...

the oysters look soo good! lol

sam. said...

good tip! yes, tie your hair back fo sho. i go to both of those locations! the one on valley was closed last week, so went to the one on main. that's where these photos are taken! have also been to the rowland heights one and the garden grove one. let's go sometime!

alyssa said...

i love the cajun fries! :droooool: i'm going there on friday (i think).