Bye Bye Blogspot.

Hi from Kauai. I've been doing a lot of soul searching out here. And this has nothing to do with that. I have decided that after 5 years, I will now lay my blogspot to rest.
I knowwwwwww! Letting go is difficult. Bye blogspot, parting is SUCH. SWEET. FUCKING. SORROW. I will miss you, lover.

But never fear, I am on Tumblr. (And everything else.)


MUSIC | Lana del Rey vs. Nas

Lana Del Rey vs. Nas - If I Ruled the Diet Mountain Dew (SOSUPERSAM EDIT) by sosupersam

I gave birth to my first baby mashup! Simple enough, Lana del Rey's "Diet Mountain Dew" really reminded me of Nas "If I Ruled the World." So I sprinkled a bit of Nas goodness on top. I wish I had the stems of this song, maybe then I could do a little more.

I made this for myself to DJ with, but why not share it with my peeps!

You can download the track here: http://www.mediafire.com/?kytko8gok87ie6c

S/O to William Yan, whose Instagram photo I jacked. A pink chair with yellow polka dots?! Too good to pass up. Anyway, he's one of my dear friends and awesome NY-based photographer, check him out.

The DJ Bag Reconsidered

Ever since I started DJing, I've been on the hunt for "the perfect DJ bag." Because let's face it. While shit like this is the obvious choice for DJs, it's NOT. CUTE. AT. ALL. And can ruin a perfectly good outfit. I currently shlep my stuff in this awesome BillyKirk bag that my friend Eric gave me for my birthday. And then a few weeks ago, the Phillip Lim 31 Hour Bag came out, and I was like this is it. This is the perfect DJ bag. I started looking at more designer totes to see if there were any options that fit my criteria. My criteria by the way is as follows:
  • Dimensions must be at least 13" tall x 13" wide, to fit vinyl records in it. The deeper the better, because I'm also toting around a laptop, adapter, headphones, needles, back up hard drive, candy (yah.), as well as my normal purse contents.
  • Zip top enclosure is preferrable.
  • Must be able to hold a lot of weight. (The Proenza Schouler PS1 did not make the cut because of this important point.)
  • And really it should be low maintenance, because DJ booths are sometimes small dirty pits of discomfort. White suede should never been considered, no matter how cute it is.
Here are some options I found, the Phillip Lim one being the one I super covet the most.

Phillip Lim
Alexander Wang


This is also my way of justifying a designer handbag purchase. "But I neeeeed it to hold my DJ stufffff."


Childish Gambino Camp Tour!

I'm super super super super excited to tell you that I'm going on tour with Childish Gambino and Danny Brown! I'll be playing a little set before each show, so please come out and say hi. Obvs I am way stoked to see all of you. Here are all of the dates I'm doing, there's a few that I won't be able to do (sorry Canada!). See you on the road. xo -Sam


Childish Gambino "CAMP" Tour
The Tabernacle / Atlanta GA

Childish Gambino "CAMP" Tour
The Fillmore / Charlotte NC

Childish Gambino "CAMP" Tour
The Orange Peel / Asheville NC

Childish Gambino "CAMP" Tour
The National / Richmond VA

Childish Gambino "CAMP" Tour
Starland Ballroom / Sayreville NJ

Childish Gambino "CAMP" Tour
Epic / Minneapolis MN

Childish Gambino "CAMP" Tour
Riviera Theatre / Chicago IL

Childish Gambino "CAMP" Tour
University of Iowa / Iowa City IA

Childish Gambino "CAMP" Tour
Beaumont Club / Kansas City MO

Childish Gambino "CAMP" Tour
Stubb's Waller Creek Amphitheatre / Austin TX

Childish Gambino "CAMP" Tour
House of Blues / Houston TX

Childish Gambino "CAMP" Tour
Palladium Ballroom / Dallas TX

Childish Gambino "CAMP" Tour
Rialto Theatre / Tucson AZ

Childish Gambino "CAMP" Tour
Venue of Scottsdale / Phoenix AZ

Childish Gambino "CAMP" Tour
Ace of Spades / Sacramento CA

Childish Gambino "CAMP" Tour
Fox Theater / Oakland CA






And back to New York.

The Hundreds Magazine Vol. 3 Issue 2 | The Music Issue

Big hugs to The Hundreds for including me in the latest issue of their magazine. That would be the one with banging ass Azealia Banks on the cover. This issue focuses on music, and I'm in there along with Bago, Yasmine Kittles of Tearist, and Ms. Banks herself. They sent me a couple of copies, otherwise I have no idea where to find this mag. But kudos to you if you manage to get your hands on one.


Steven Alan FW12

I attended the Steven Alan presentation yesterday morning. Hauling ass to the westside highway at 9am is a good, hearty jolt into Fashion Week! I personally wear a lot of Steven Alan. His pieces translate well into my wardrobe, it's functional, classic, still a bit of modern flair. Thank you to the Steven Alan team for the invite!
The wool "Fernando" pants on this first dude (who I will call Jeremy Lin) look so comfortable, almost sweatpant-like paired with New Balance.
Socks never die.
This blazer pattern is channeling Junya Watanabe, sans the fairisle stuff. I prefer this Steven Alan one.
This was my favorite look! The only true pop of red in the collection, and I adore the salt and pepper coat.
But she was my favorite model. Major crush on this one, I think her name is Mick. The femininity of the sheer blouse against an overall menswear-inspired look is perfection to me.


Brooklyn Industries | Crash Into Spring

I'm DJ'ing this lovely affair on Friday. RSVP and come on byyyyyyyyy.

Camouflage Reconsidered.

Peruvian artist Cecilia Paredes took her floral paintings and became them, carefully using make up and body paint to blend herself in. Becoming a literal extension of her art is art in itself.

Maybe I like it so much because it reminds me of Garden State.
And it also brings me back to the days I spent at the mall as a kid, staring at those fuckin 3D prints, trying to see a unicorn pop out of it. I could never do it.